The first public version (v1.0) of the SOS software is now available for download.  To receive e-mail notification regarding important updates to the software, send a message to

SOS is free software licensed under the GPL (v3) for non-commercial academic purposes.  For other uses, contact the authors.

Download and Install

Both standalone executable and source code versions of SOS are available for download.  If you have MATLAB (version >= 2010a) installed, we recommend that you install the source code version.  This will allow you to interact with SOS as you would with any other MATLAB library or standalone package, manipulate and access the SOS variables directly and integrate them with your own code (particularly useful for power users), and generally take advantage of the most stable version of SOS.

The current version and installation instructions are included below.  The same basic instructions also apply to the older versions which are also available for download.

Source Code


Requires MATLAB (version >= 2010a)

Size ~ 2 mb


Uncompress the downloaded file to a location of your choosing and make note of that directory name.  You can then add this directory to your MATLAB path to interact with the SOS source files directly.  To do so, you may either use the graphical interface (Menu-->File-->Set Path...) or via the 'addpath' command in the command line interface (type 'help addpath' in MATLAB for additional information).

Standalone Executable

Recommended only if you do not have MATLAB

The standalone executable version is broken down into two separate downloads. The first consists of the MATLAB component runtime (MCR) which is required to run the standalone software.  If you do not already have this installed on your system, you will need to install it before running SOS. 

If your operating system is not listed below

In principle, SOS can be run as a standalone executable on any operating system that can run a current version of MATLAB (2010a+).  However, to create a standalone executable we require access to a machine running that operating system and with the MATLAB compiler installed so that we can compile SOS into a standalone application. Currently, binaries have been compiled into standalone executables for the major operating systems and versions listed below. Contact with your operating system information if your system is not currently supported.

MATLAB Runtime Component (MCR)
(Required if not installed)

Note: It is possible that using an older OR more recent version of the MCR than that used when compiling the standalone binaries of SOS may prevent SOS from running successfully.  If you experience problems running the standalone version of SOS, please try reinstalling the MCR with one of the specific versions below. 

Note that by default the MCR may be installed to a common location for all users and may request 'administrator' or 'root' access when doing so.  Although you may choose to install the MCR at this location, it is not necessary, and you may install it for your own user account only and in your personal (home) directory.  

Size ~ 200 mb

Version: MCR version 7.13, MATLAB 2010a

Version: MCR version 7.14.1, MATLAB 2010b; Compiler 4.14.1


Uncompress the archive and run the installer (win: MCRInstaller.exe; linux: MCRInstaller.bin; OSX: MCRInstaller.dmg).  Make note of the directory in which you install the MCR as you may need this information when running SOS.

Standalone Executable

Size ~ 2 mb

Version: SOS 1.0, MCR version 7.13; MATLAB 2010a

Version: SOS 1.0, MCR version 7.14.1, MATLAB 2010b

Running SOS

Once these setup files have been downloaded and installed, you may wish to visit the Running SOS page for startup information.

Blair Armstrong, Christine Watson, David Plaut, 2011-2012