Frequently Asked Questions


Can I remove constraints or stat tests after they have been created?

Typically, the easiest way to remove constraints when using SOS is to re-run your script from start.  This will also ensure that the same constraints are at play throughout the optimization.  Failing to do so could, in principle, alter the quality of the final set of items.  

That said, if you have a particular reason to modify the constraints or tests during the optimization, you can do so by modifying the containing variables directly.  For example, if you had four constraints in your set and only wanted to keep the first and third, you could run:

mySOS.softConstraints=mySOS.softConstraints([1 3]).  

A similar logic applies for the stats tests stored in  sosstattests.  For the full list of internal variables, just type the name of your SOS object on the MATLAB command line (e.g., type "mySOS").  

Thanks to David Sidhu for this question and subsequent discussion.  

Why do populations/samples/optimizations, etc. that I create in
 my script not appear in the GUI?

There is a minor issue associated with refreshing the menus in the gui for objects created via the command line.  You can either press the 'refresh' button beside each drop down menu or click on the empty entry in the menu to have the list refreshed and your new variables listed therein.

  I followed all of the SOS instructions for creating headers and
  tab-delimiting my data, but when I read it in only the header is
  read and the population file is empty.  Why are my stimuli
  not loading?

An issue has been identified in the current version of SOS when using numbers separated by commas in the input file (e.g., 100,000.99).  Try removing the commas and reloading your data into SOS.

Blair Armstrong, Christine Watson, David Plaut, 2011-